What preparation should I do before an internal pest control treatment?
Just ask and we'll email you a prep sheet detailing all the necessary steps to be undertaken before we arrive.

How long do I have to be out of the house for while an internal pest control treatment is carried out?
Minimum 5 hours, preferably the whole day.

How long will my treatment last?
Your treatment has a 1 year No Quibble Warranty, which will likely give you 2 years of control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the windows be cleaned straight away after a treatment?
Yes, defnitely, we actually only clean the window pane and not the frame, thus it has no negative effect on your new treatment. (We enquired with one of NZ's top pest control certifiers, and they confirmed this as being the correct procedure.)

Are pest control treatments safe around children and pets?
We use a Synthetic pyrethrum based product whose active ingredient is Alpha-cypermethrin, which is not harmful to warm blooded animals like cats and dogs or humans, but is very effective on the target pest.

What is the best time of year to carry out a treatment?
Effective Pest Control treatments can be carried out all year round, traditionally the 9 months from 1st September until 1st June marks the pest control season.

Do Wilson's clean Chimney's?
No, unfortunately not. Our specialty is pests and windows and we pride ourselves on being market leaders.

Many companies will try and tell you their way is the best. The truth is there are many ways to achieve a similar result.

We are proud of our service and the extra effort we put in to ensure Wilson’s is the leader in Pest Control and Window Cleaning.

Our procedures are second to none, using quality products and materials. Our team are trained to meet all current NZ qualifications and certification standards. Please contact us with any questions not covered by the above FAQ.

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