In order to stop permanent marks forming on your window glass you would ideally want to clean your windows every 6 months. This allows us to be efficient with our pricing and keep your window glass in good condition without attracting permanent marks.

We offer both Residential and Commercial Window cleaning. We have many satisfied, regular clients who have been with us from the beginning. You will often see us working in and around the Wanaka area.

Pure Water Window Cleaning.
Pure water window cleaning is now best practice for exterior cleans. Tap water is passed through a 3 stage filtration system: Sediment, Carbon, and De-ionizing. These filters remove the mineral and chemical impurities in the tap water. This pure water then attracts the dirt away from the glass surface.

Then the water fed pole and soft bristle brush removes further stubborn stains before a curtain of pure water is used for the final rinse.

The glass then dries leaving no mineral, or chemical impurities which would normally mark the glass surface, giving a superior finish and keeping windows cleaner for longer.

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